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IBuyGiftCards.com has been family owned and operated since 2001.

We offer top prices for all your gift cards and store credits with no hidden fees. The price we offer is the full price you will receive and are currently paying up to 94% of your cards face value!

We buy gift cards valued up to $10,000!

We ship payment within 24 hours of receiving your cards so you don’t have to wait months for your money.

Get started now! Click the link to check on the prices and follow our simple three step process to turn your gift cards and store credit into cash.

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New Pricing

We just updated our pricing to ensure your getting the most for your gift card. We offer up to 94% of your cards face value.

IBuyGiftCards will pay for the cost of USPS mail delivery confirmation for all cards valued over $250 for your peace of mind.

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